• MINT’s mission is to leverage children’s primordial instinct to play to revive their natural desire to learn

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What makes MINT so fresh?

MINT is an interactive teaching method that uses the language of games as a tool to convey scientific content. Our 3 step approach gradually introduces the rigor of science in a game-like learning environment. Reading the three steps you will easily understand why this method is so effective.


1 – Student module

The introduction of a new concept will be done asking students to play a simple game on their interactive device. This can be done on students’ personal devices (B.Y.O.D. approach), on school owned tablets, or on students’ home computers as a homework assignment. The game design will be based on the scientific concept. Playing the game students will absorb the concept empirically solving the problems in it, but without knowing they are using one or more scientific concepts.


2 – Teacher module

Once they master the game, the teacher will show the science behind it, revealing to them that they’ve used (e.g.) Newton’s laws to solve the game and then introducing numbers, formulas and all the scientific rigor needed. The teacher module is the same game students just played, but they are designed to be used by teachers in a classroom environment. The “delayed” introduction of the science rigor will trigger students’ curiosity if they fail to solve the game due to lack of comprehending the mechanics of the principle. This will result in the students asking the teacher to explain more.


3 – Assessment modules

Finally, students will be asked to play the same game, (for instance let’s consider the case of Angry Birds). Instead of “dragging the bird with their finger” they have to calculate the angle of the trajectory (refer to the images below). However, this time students have to apply what they just learned from the teacher to solve the game.


Angry Birds as an example

Imagine you're a physics teacher and your lecture will be on the parabolic motion, the projectile parabola. We create games like Angry Birds in three different modalities to pass through the 3 steps of our method

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